Brett Spears is a husband, father of two, and an Evangelist. He is the Vice President of Awaken Ministries International and also the C.O.O. of a Red Wing Shoe Store in Niles, OH. He also serves on Pastoral Leadership at Awaken YO and on the Committee of a multi-denominational outreach ministry Now Youngstown in Youngstown, OH. Brett was born in Pensacola, FL and raised in the church but fell away at the age of 12 following his parents divorce. After running from God for many years living a life addicted to drugs Brett was radically saved and transformed by the Love of God. Brett has a strong passion for repentance; the hope found in the death, burial, resurrection, and immanent return of Jesus Christ; and seeing lives lived out in deep intimacy with Jesus marked by the power of the Holy Spirit. Brett's calling is to preach the Gospel to the lost, train and equip the body of Christ to re-present Jesus to the world. As a businessman and evangelist Brett has lived a life marked by the supernatural power of God both in the market place and in the church, being healed miraculously himself from a crippling back injury and a terrible skin disease Brett has seen hundreds RECEIVE their own miracles THROUGH the healing power of Jesus.