At Awaken Ministries International we have a few locations where we minister. Our heart is to continue to expand in other areas around the globe to further the Kingdom of God. Our locations fall under two categories: bases and outposts. Bases are where we have weekly gatherings in a city or location to evangelize and disciple people. Outposts are where we partner with and provide a covering to ministers around the world to empower and support them in their call to reach their local cities.

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Awaken Youngstown

The original base for Awaken Ministries Intl, founded 4 years ago. This base meets weekly at 30 West Front St. Youngstown, Ohio and consistently loves on the homeless, college students of YSU, and the city professionals. Awaken Yo has a facebook page where you can watch our archived services shot live every week. 


Awaken El Salvador

This outreach base is one of our newest additions to AMI. Our heart is to Love the Nation of El Salvador. Our team on the ground there is very active in reaching the lives of the poor, those in prison, gang members, and prostitutes. We have partnered with Shake the Nations ministries to do crusades in the country as well.  In the land of "THE SAVIOR" we are seeing people met with the Love of Jesus, through outreach events, personal discipleship, practical needs met, and the Gospel being preached. Your support helps fund these events that are changing lives in this nation. 

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The Awakening Conference

The Awakening Conference is where AMI goes onto college campuses and hold a weekend conference. So far we have done multiple conferences at Penn State University and have plans to go to many more colleges as well. We are partnering with multiple student organizations to see Jesus lifted high and campuses transformed. Our heart is for these crusades to not just last for a weekend but to echo in each student who attends a meeting. That they would be marked by God that brands them for life so that where ever they go, they will be empowered by their testimony of what God has done in their lives.